Time to protect the Libraries not the Librarian’s?

Time to protect the Libraries not the Librarian’s?

Dear all,

Recent few advertisements is an alarm for Not library professionals but existence of Libraries itself in future. IIIT Allahabad and IIT Kanpur appointing Assistant Registrar and Dy. Registrar in libraries and made library science related qualifications under essential or desirable.
Seems the perception of libraries and librarian’s has been changed drastically in academic community/society the reasons may be as follows:
1. Some of the LIS professionals could not serve the community better.
2. Some of the LIS professionals attitude/behavior was totally against the ethics and irritable to users of library?
3. Some of the professionals enjoyed highly paid salary without doing nothing and exploited their subordinates/resources/facility given to them.
4. Many could not upgrade their libraries and themselves as per the current trend and information seeking behavior of users.
5. Top leaders/experts could not appoint suitable candidates for the post and many cases where they might have appointed their incapable near and dears.
6. Rise of electronic media/resources which crossed the four walls of the libraries and reached in the hands of users without any assistance from LIS professionals/Libraries.
Apart from other their may be many wrong/correct perception about the libraries because of which i can see peoples are now discussing the relevance of libraries itself rather than librarians. This is not an alarm for non-teaching library professionals but for teaching LIS professionals (Professor’s) too because if their is no library than their is no department of libraries too?
Thanks and have a nice library ahead !
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