Department wise “sort1” (issue+renew) statistics in date range with graph

Department wise “sort1” (issue+renew) statistics in date range with graph

Now a day’s there is always discussion about e-resources uses statistics which we used to provide based on the IPs (Overall institute), sometimes it is also asked department wise but it’s difficult to get because of IP-based access. Similarly, for print books, we can generally get transaction statistics for the overall institute but difficult to get department wise which is sometimes asked by Audit/accreditation people.

The department-wise print book statistics help us to know the status of the collection of a particular department, users’ information-seeking behaviours, attitudes towards print books etc. which further help to improve the services of a library. Koha open-source software gives a lot of flexibility for such scopes and the report module helps in getting any type of data/statistics. One of the significant statistics for the issue/renewal of books is developed here for your ready reference and use. It also provides a good visual graph which can be downloaded for use.

Sample graph: % of issues out of all issued during the specific period.


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