Consortium for software management in libraries: an Idea !

Consortium for software management in libraries: an Idea !

Dear all,

We have or had many consortium in libraries especially for periodicals procurement, but i do not understand why we do not understand the need of consortium for software management in libraries though many big government libraries are using similar software like Libsys, Koha, SOUL, Dspace, eprint, Joomla, ezproxy, etc. Every library have paid for customization and other fee individually. There are some basic features in software which almost all libraries needs and that can be customized by crowdfunding/sharing of cost to get the features.

Libraries can get and share the ideas to reduce the staff efforts and enhance user services through these software which is badly needed now a days. Government is also promoting the open source solutions and now a days almost each library is using some OSS in their libraries. Can library leaders think of such consortium where all can share their requirements and new common ideas which can be enhanced in the existing software at low cost?

For example as i know many government and private organization have paid huge amount for Koha implementations and customization but that customization code never came to public domain for benefit of others as per ethics of open source solutions. Many libraries have paid money separately for same features in the software without understanding how to get the software customized with minimum payment and maximum benefit to all.

I hope our leaders will think on this !

One of the example of getting crowdfunding for common interest at minimum cost and maximum benefit is available at :
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    1. Dear Sir,

      It is just a model. Group of Koha, Dspace, even Libsys etc. user can come together and discuss lacking in the current software or what additional features they need to enhance the library services and invite the concern vendors/developers the cost of incorporating such features in the software. The total cost proposed may be shared by all individual members of the group/consortium. Hence we will have good features in the software at low cost with more better ideas.

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