Migration from Libsys to Koha along with RFID @ NIT Rourkela

Migration from Libsys to Koha along with RFID @ NIT Rourkela

Dear All,

Many times question is asked by many professionals why NIT Rourkela did not implemented Koha in their library till date? though we helped many in this regard. Please find here the update.

NIT Rourkela from 17th May, 2017 fully migrated from Libsys along with old RFID devices and as per my observation till date it is working fine with lot of new features and much work load has been reduced too. Various automated email alerts has been started i.e. without interference of staff which was not possible before such as:

1. Acquisition status of recommended books by faculty like accepted, ordered and finally received

2. issued,return,renewed,overdue, renewal, reserved books etc.

Please note that Acquisition module is fully used for entire work like budget management, order, receiving of books, etc. and it is working fine which reduced efforts with accuracy. For cataloguing z39.5 is working fine and now we are able to maintain standard bibliographic records in minimum time.

RFID devices like self issue/return Kiosk, staff station, security gate, etc. has been integrated with Koha which works fine.

Please note the entire works has been done by in-house manpower with the voluntary support of Mr. Monirul Purkait, Scientist, VECC, Kolkata who is mainly responsible for integration RFID with Koha and developed middle-ware solution. Mr. Monirul and Mr. Soumen Mondal (former library trainee) done wonderful job along with other library professionals support/ motivations. However i took all the responsibility for the things which was not done properly if any.

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