Confusion on NDL (National digital library) and Sodhganga ?

Confusion on NDL (National digital library) and Sodhganga ?

Dear All,

I am very much confused about the National digital library project
(NDL) at IIT Kharagpur and Sodhganga of Inflibnet. Main reason is i
came to know NDL is going to collect the Metadata from DSpace/Eprint
repositories of various IITs, NITs etc. and provide a common platform
to search all repositories.

My confusions are:

1. How metadata searching can be considered as Digital library without
full text?
2. Is it a Kind of Union catalogue of Digital repositories?
3. Sodhganga is nicely managed by Inflibnet under the directorship of
Dr. Arora than why this type of things was not integrated with the
same which is of national importance?
4. What will be the other contents since its a huge project involving
crores of rupees?
5. Recently INDEST and Inflibnet consortium has been merged so is
there any chance of merging Sodhganga and NDL in future if yes than
why not today?
6. One Koha project under NMEICT was started having cost around 1.8
crore but final out put i do not know just seen Union catalogue of
some libraries and Inflibnet is also doing same work now by collecting
records from various libraries?

Kindly clarify me if anybody is having clear ideas and differences
among them. I shall be highly thankful for the same.

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