My experience at JILA conference Ranchi as invited speaker

My experience at JILA conference Ranchi as invited speaker

Dear All,

It was nice experience to share my thoughts at JILA conference, Ranchi. The topic was “Re-engineering Public Library and Academic Library Systems in India” many papers were presented with suggestions and how to improve the existing systems. Many issues were raised to Re-engineering the existing libraries like finance, laws etc. My view and some solutions was to adopt the open source/free solutions like Koha, DSpace, eprint, joomla, zotero, etc. as well as open access resources like open access journals/books etc. to overcome some of the problems without investing much amount on that, but i felt that awareness and training on the above cost effective /free solutions is major challenge. So the LIS departments must train the students about these resources during their course of study and assign some small projects on these free solutions. The good libraries and library professionals must share their expertise among the nearby libraries and provide a platform to educate the others for successful implementations of these technologies.


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