Data Conversion (Book and Journals) from Libsys to Excel/Marc

Data Conversion (Book and Journals) from Libsys to Excel/Marc

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The following ( ) are the General steps to get your libsys data in excel format for final conversion into Marc format to switching into other ILMS software. Please note that there are several other tips and tricks which you can use to convert your libsys data in excel, so that you can migrate in some other desired software like Koha, Newgenlib, Evergreen etc. The reports module given under Cataloging/Circulation/Serial of Libsys software can be used to get the data in Excel format. In-case you are not getting subject heading than it can be added at the time of excel data conversion as well as you can also group together all the same titles, but you should have at least ISBN/ISSN number in your records. Marc editor and excel ( ) is wonderful software which not only converts your data in marc format but it also gives you opportunity to make your data standard before importing in new ILMS. In case of any help needed in this regard please feel free to contact.

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