NIT New Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment Rule2017 OR Slow Poison For Their Career??

NIT New Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment Rule2017 OR Slow Poison For Their Career??

Dear All,

Degradation/De-motivation of Staff and Expecting world class Institute/Developed India??

Recent approval/orders of new recruitment rules for non-teaching staff in NIT system is very surprising, the entire recent rule indicate it has been made by those people who has no experience of such cadre or did not consulted with concern experts. There is not a single case of pay increase but they attempted to decrease the promotion period which seems good for example Assistant Registrar promotion period has been decreased from 8 years to 5 year which is good sign but another side to become Dy. Registrar they require 10 years contradictory to five years as per earlier rule/standard rule (Lolly Pop Given).

Librarian and Registrar post has been made on contractual/deputation etc. instead of regular on selection basis, Dy. and Asst. Librarians pay has been decreased and experience in year for higher position has been increased. Comparison between Registrar and Librarians cadre post clearly indicates main Administration and Heart of Institutes (Library)  has been badly affected and it will have very poor impact on further development of Institute. I do not understand from where and how they will bring these manpower and what will be the quality of manpower if they found (Rejected non-selected candidates from many places however exception may be there, for example after 5 years Assistant Registrar/Librarians will generally become eligible for Dy. Registrar/Librarian as per requirement rule of Centrally/State funded university/institutes hence after 10 year as per NIT Rule i am sure they will get only rejected candidates maximum).

The said oversight committee seems intentionally/underestimated such administrative posts and their value. I do not understand how Institute of national importance will raise its status/ranking in world by decreasing the status and demoralizing/demotivating of their quality of current and future manpower.  The post of Assistant Librarian require UGC-NET qualification but they have removed and placed in desirable with “preference will be given to UGC-NET candidate” indicates committee require UGC-NET qualify good candidates as per academic requirement/capability but they don’t want to give AGP 6000 as per rules.

I think People must raise such issues to MHRD not for their own benefit but for the benefit of entire system and country, i believe this is fault of those incapable people who have been given responsibility to improve but unfortunately they have disimproved the entire things. I have simply tried to compare in two cadre only but i am sure there are other cadre also who has been adversely effected with it.

Hence Librarian/SAC officers has been directly effected financially and by status in this rule and other cadres staff has been given slow poison which they will understand in future !!!

New NIT 2017 Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment Rule

Old NIT 2014 Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment Rule

Comparison between Registrar and Librarian in Old and new Rule

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  1. Ashish

    Finally initiative has been taken to make all officers to enjoy equal benefits.

    Earlier some were enjoying 5/4/3 years for CAS benefits, but most other had to wait 8 years or 10 years for promotion

    1. Compare carefully and think about future career in NIT you will become eligible for next post after 10 year and other Institutes 5 year. Some were getting benefits because of their qualification and nature of job in my view. If you feel earlier their was discrimination than MHRD need to remove this discrimination from all Centrally funded Institutes like IIT, University etc.

  2. Ashish

    Discrimination of officers were always there.

    Highly qualified Medical officers/system analyst/ senior system analyst with tremendously important job responsibilities are always deprived from fast track career advancement CAS . They have to wait for long 10 years for next salary upgradation.

    Irrelevant qualifications like m.phil, PhD, Post Doc, authorship are of no or very little uses to the officers (non teaching staff) .

    I think representation has gone from those deprived Class of officers.

    1. You may be right but while working in a Academic environment i can’t say higher education is of no use and i am sure if qualifications etc. has been acquired with moto to serve than it will benefit the serving institute. In my view real advancement is acquiring higher positions like from Asst. Registrar to Dy. Registrar, Asst. Librarian to Dy. Librarian etc. and for that if you want to work in NIT system than you have to wait for 10 year which is illogical in comparison to other similar type of institute. Again asking UGC-NET under desirable qualification for Asst. Librarian is of what use? its a common qualification for all and should have been ask from all or it must be removed.
      I can just say entire Non-Teaching has been treated badly if carefully you will check from future advancement point of view. making 5 year for next CAS is good step but high experience for next post is really very illogical and candidate have to move to other organization and because of this NIT system will be deprived from good candidates. Registrar (GP)/Librarian (AGP) post has been made on tenure base is clear indication of treatment of non-teaching badly and again giving AGP to librarian and removing AGP from Dy/Asst Librarian seems to be illogical.
      So its not a improvement but a lolly pop after 5 year (CAS) and for that too DPC will decide and you have to escape from NIT for the next post in other organization. I think NIT system in future going to higher mostly rejected candidates in Non-Teaching (i don’t thing dynamic good candidates will wait for 10 year experience to work in NIT).
      Thank For your discussions.

  3. Ashish

    I agree with you that careers of entire non teaching officers are now very badly treated if we compare the same with other teaching staff. I agree that asking for NET as desirable qualification has no justification. Similarly qualifications like MD, MS, MCh as desirable qualifications for Medical officers is also irrational. Asking for qualification (4+2 years) of domain specific knowledge is also irrational (which is the essential qualification of assistant professor).

    Today’s situation won’t have arisen if initiative been taken from the entire officers community.

    If higher qualifications (may be irrelevant) is considered as useful , then it should be considered useful for each and every officer posts of the academic institute. Otherwise, movement from within the officers community will not be strong.

    1. I agree some people feel happy when their neighbors house burn rather than protecting their own house from fire ! And few people like Policy maker view the entire scene and enjoyed ! Ultimately i can say privatization of such Institutes would be best solution. Work more get more !

  4. Ranjitsinh

    I think this govt has absolutely not to do with education and it’s dignity, they are interested only in profit making unit and education is money wasted unit for only almighty can save us from this so called honest.

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