Open Access / Solutions but not illegal affair

Open Access / Solutions but not illegal affair

Dear All,

Many times there is a debate on open access resources and many of the people supported Sci-hub and such illegal resources. My simple view is how these illegal resources can be supported by many people and hamper the right of anyone/publishers hand to mouth. The resources which was collected and organized by publishers required huge manpower and infrastructure as well as the authors of intellectual output accepted terms and condition of the publishers.

In open source software world we are free to use and distribute software but can never distribute and use Microsoft windows etc. similarly there is already several laws for such publications and we must convince publishers to publish under such laws which help in free flow of knowledge else we can think of framing such laws which is win win kind of situation for publisher, author and rest of users.

Such as a rule can be framed where publisher can provide free access to affiliated institutes to all particular journal issue/volume which contain even a single article of  authors affiliated institute or there may be like this.  But please remember illegal is illegal and to survive and make healthy society where every body is having right for food, cloth and shelter we must accept the laws framed by us for us only.

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