Dear All,

It gives me a great pleasure to inform you that a paper entitled “KOHA Web OPAC- Customising it to make a Library Portal: A case study of Assam University Library / by Dr. A K Sharma, Mr. D P Tripathi and Mr. Vinod K Mishra” which appeared in Library Herald Vol.54 No.2 June 2016 issue has been adjudged as the Best paper award (DLA- Dr Ramesh Chandra Vashishth Best Paper in Library Herald  Award-2016) in volume 54 (2016) by the JURY appointed by the Executive Committee of Delhi Library Association.

The article is available at : Online Article


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  1. Dr. Lavji N. Zala

    You people deserve for the award since your hard work and use to share your knowledge of that domain to the communities. Many many congratulations…

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