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National Digital Library (NDL) hosted by IIT Kharagpur seems to be one of the biggest and best project to provide full text educational materials for all in India.I just searched and find it is nothing but collection of metadata from various sources and has been dumped at one place. For example as per its link top items are:
Book 715536
Article 279582
Audio lecture 206336
Thesis 95259
Chapter 49502
Journal 37726
Question paper 33888
But i don’t think all are available in full text even 30/40 % and the full text which is available is either already available in open access or subscribed by the concern institutes. For example the e-books, articles etc. Further, The thesis of IIT’S/IIM’S/IISc are not at all available on this portal and you may get error message while attempting to access full text as they are on Intranet. Further, in many cases you may not get resource location information as usually provided in Union catalogue for example Springer e-books catalogue has been uploaded their without full text access or location of library where full text is subscribed.
So my view is as per its present shape its name should be National Metadata Library (NML) . Please suggest or give your feedback as i am too much expecting from this huge amount project and also let me know the full text resources on this platform which was not available before inception of NDL?

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