This bicycle was brought by my elder brother in law from his workplace/company when I was in class sixth, only skeleton (frame) of the bicycle was there so rest of the things were got after repair and replacement of some parts to make it workable. I did not remember purchase of any new bicycle by my parents either for himself or for other due to financial conditions so always they manage with second-hand bicycles.

I started to go school with the bicycle when I was in class 6th and completed my 12th standard from BHU with the same, during this period sometimes I changed the bicycle but ultimately again I got the same. I started my B.Sc and M.Lib & I.Sc with the same bicycle at BHU and used it for all my part time works like teaching tuition, agent work at Sahara etc. After M.Lib. & I.Sc I joined the school as Librarian and used the same bicycle too as my mode of conveyance. I still remember approximately 35/40 KM I used to ride this bicycle daily for all my works like attending class in BHU, Teaching tuitions, Agent works, Work in School etc.

My cycle

Once I slapped a student during library class in school due to his misbehavior and in lieu of that by bicycle was completely destroyed by him and his friends which were always kept outside the school stand. I was the only school teacher who used bicycle and rest were had their motorcycles and busses. I did not frustrated but took my bicycle to the repair shop and he did his job well to get back bicycle in workable condition.

I was able to understand the pain of getting a second-hand bicycle and repairing it again and again so first time when my Son Amit was in second class I managed to purchase a new small bicycle for him costing around 16/18 hundred and it was the first newly purchase bicycle at my home as per my knowledge.

I got the Job at IIT Kanpur so thought of keeping the same bicycle so I parcel it from Varanasi to Kanpur by Train it was my first experience of sending any goods by parcel and as I remember they took 40/150 Rupees. I continued the same bicycle for all my conveyance related work like office, house etc. but when my son went in class sixth at Kanpur I purchased new bicycle for him costing around 3500 since I got my second-hand bicycle during class 6th only but I continued the same till my service at IIT Kanpur approx 3.5 year.

I joined at IIT Roorkee, Saharanpur campus and again brought the same bicycle there too by loading it in the truck. After few month of joining at IIT Roorkee I managed to buy New Motorcycle for myself and left my bicycle alone but never thought of leaving it. Due to its rusting and other bad condition I thought of finding a suitable much-needed person who can use it effectively and take care of it  in the same way as I did since approx 18 years, but unfortunately I did not find the suitable person for it.

I got the job at NIT Rourkela and again saw the bicycle, the condition was not good to keep but I was not willing to leave it also so just loaded on the truck and unload it at Varanasi (original place of the bicycle) since Varanasi falls in between Rourkela and Saharanpur. I went to Varanasi recently due to death of my Mother and surprised to see that the bicycle was in excellent condition and used by my father now after getting it repaired again.

Due to lot of emotions and time spend (approx 25 year) with it I could not leave it in some garage etc but I kept it in my Bedroom at Varanasi since nobody is there to use it now. I hope whenever I went there I can use it again and again as it is a symbol of my hard work and always remind me my actual struggling past. It also helps me not to forget the bad days and always keep the moral high.

Thanking You

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