Experience at DAV School workshop and implementation of Koha

Experience at DAV School workshop and implementation of Koha

Dear All,

I along with Mr. Kapil Kumar Gupta attended Workshop on Koha at DAV School, Barkakana, Ramgardh, Jharkhand from 20-22 February, 2016 as resource person. There were 30 participants from that particular DAV School zone. Some schools were using CR2 and some Mica software as they told us. we found the host institute were using cr2 on stand alone machine having one dongle provided by cr2 vendor which required to be inserted in USB drive in order to open the staff client (First time i saw that).

All the participants were very attentive and enthusiastic to learn the Koha, first time we demonstrated that how they can access there library software on Internet/Internet, how they can work from other machine and patrons can access the OPAC from other machine on intranet/internet, what is intranet/internet, host/installed computer needs to be kept always open if you wish to access OPAC/Staff client from other machine on internet/intranet and lot of basics. The lab was nicely managed by computer teachers and never felt any noise during the workshop.

On our self interest we converted their existing database from MS-Access to MARC then imported it into Koha and finally made their library accessible on entire intranet which helped participants to understand from beginning to start about the real implementation of Koha/data migrations and other efforts require it also motivated all the participants a lot and now they are thinking about implementations at their own schools.

I appeal never underestimate the school librarians because they are genius as well as fool like other librarians!

Thanking You.


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