Display of Scrolling New Arrivals List on Koha OPAC

Display of Scrolling New Arrivals List on Koha OPAC

Dear Koha users,
It is nice to share one trick/Jugar to display the scrolling list of New Arrivals in your library OPAC or even at your library website. Go to advance search than select the Item type one by one all like Books, CD/DVD, Thesis, e-books, reference books etc. than simply hit the SEARCH button (Without entering any kew words), it will display all your library materials result than sort the result by “Acquisition date : Newest to oldest” . After that select the RSS feed red color icon on top which will display the same result list, than copy the link location and paste it in any rss feed scroller available on internet like http://feed.mikle.com/ . Now just paste the entire code as instructed in the feed reader website after necessary modifications like number of item to display, color etc. on your Koha opac system preferences. You can also use the List option to create one list of new arrivals and than use the above steps (version 3.20 and above). For example please see below link:

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  1. Mohammad Rasheed

    Dear Sir, Thank you for helping us. I followed the same steps but the image doesn’t appear in feed.milke.com neither in koha opac… please advise what to do???

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