Precaution before availing RFID solutions for Library

Precaution before availing RFID solutions for Library

Dear All,

A simple but very useful precaution before availing RFID solutions for library so that RFID vender could not trap you in their own iron net. Always keep some samples of Library users RFID based ID card and book RFID tag from various venders and original equipment manufactures (OEM), the same iso standard cards may be requested to venders/OEM for compatibility purpose. This is very necessary as i noticed that same standard User ID card is not read by the RFID device which is supplied by other firm/OEM, it is reflecting that some malpractices may be going on behind the seen to trap you in future. So its my simple suggestion to ask the vender to demonstrate read/write capacity of RFID devices with many or same ISO standard RFID cards before final implementations.

Thanking You.

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